Aitken Spence Shipping Limited-WCA-117087

Aitken Spence Shipping Limited-WCA-117087

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COMPANY :Aitken Spence Shipping Limited

INTRODUCTION:Aitken Spence Shipping, Ltd., had the cutting edge to gain competitive rock bottom rates in the market. Our expertise in airfreight & air operations coupled with expertise & knowledge in sea-to-air & air-to-air trans-shipments gives us the leading edge to negotiate and provide the best rates in the market. Owning our own warehouse inside the airport with 24/7/365-day operation gives us capacity to handle any volume received and also, our own Customs brokerage team is able to execute any job within the time frames provided…….

ADD:Aitken Spence Tower II, 02nd Floor,# 315, Vauxhall Street,Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

WCA ID:117087


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