Al Heelam Clearing & Forwarding, LLC-WCA-8600

Al Heelam Clearing & Forwarding, LLC-WCA-8600

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COMPANY :Al Heelam Clearing & Forwarding, LLC

INTRODUCTION:Al Heelam Clearing & Forwarding, LLC was established in 1983, dedicated to the African sector. In a span of 20 years, Al Heelam Cargo has achieved persistent and diligent growth in the Freight Forwarding Industry, and is considered as one of the best Freight Forwarding Companies based in the United Arab Emirates catering to all African destinations. In recognition of its impressive operational track record, Al Heelam has been awarded Certificates from various airlines…….

ADD:802, Dubai Pearl Bldg,P.O. Box 1962,Deria, Dubai – UAE

WCA ID:8600


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