Atlantic Marine Ltd.-WCA-62987

Atlantic Marine Ltd.-WCA-62987

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COMPANY :Atlantic Marine Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:Atlantic Marine Ltd is a leading Freight Forwarding Organization in Saudi Arabia, Providing an absolute comprehensive range of freight forwarding services & logistics solutions through offices in Saudi Arabia. Atlantic Marine connects the world to Saudi Arabia. It was established after careful consideration of the demand of first class freight forwarding service compared to the freight forwarding services available in the Saudi Arabia. The quality employees of Atlantic Marine truly make the difference in the services levels provided to our customers. We encourage creativity in the workplace, always striving to provide the highest quality and personalized service to our customers through highly oriented and dedicated staff, our office consistently delivers wide range of services including import & Export Handling, Customs Clearance, DDU, DDP shipments, Project Handling, Break Bulk Cargos, Grab rentals etc., to very large spectrum of clients, across the world-wide destinations…….

ADD:P.O. Box 2011, Dammam 31451, Saudi Arabia

WCA ID:62987


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