AZ Logistic-WCA-74103

AZ Logistic-WCA-74103

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COMPANY :AZ Logistic

INTRODUCTION:AZ Logistic was started in 2002, established in the hub of Cargo Village, Dubai, U.A.E. Initially, AZ was involved in business dealings with general trading especially on various brand of mobile phones and its accessories. After 2-3 years, the managing director found an easier way to arrange client’s business requirements whether import or export. AZ Logistic was able to secure more clients whether on distribution (buying and selling) of mobile phones and electronics as well as freight forwarding and logistics side. One of the strongest key factors is a combination of service of both lines rolled into one. AZ Logistic started with less than 10 staff, AZ Logistic has grown to include 10 top executives and more than 80 staff. With all the combined force, loyalty, and dedication to work, AZ Logistic is humble and yet proud to share its business success. We have two office/warehouses in Cargo Village, two office/warehouses in Dubai Airport Free Zone, all fully operations serving in and out Dubai, U.A.E. agents and clients…….

ADD:D21 Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

WCA ID:74103


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