Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd-WCA-19827

Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd-WCA-19827

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COMPANY :Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd

INTRODUCTION:Bell Total Logistics Pty Ltd (BTL) is a wholly Australian owned company, and our history dates back to 1878 when we operated as an Adelaide based customs and forwarding agent, EV Little Pty Ltd. The Gerard Corporation (also based in Adelaide) began acquiring independent Australian Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers in 1996 starting with the purchase of EV Little, the last acquisition in Brisbane 2004 included re-branding our name across Australia to Bell Total Logistics, or BTL and completed the Eastern seaboard network of offices and logistics warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane ?……

ADD:340 Hanson Road,Wingfield, S.A. 5013,Adelaide, South Australia

WCA ID:19827


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