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COMPANY :BlackBlues

INTRODUCTION:BlackBlues is a renowned freight company that provides a wide range of high- quality import/export services to its clients all over the world. Working with BlackBlues, you have a dedicated, reliable, and hugely experienced team focused on growing a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. We praise ourselves for being a true “Logistics Partner”, Our services ensure the easy movement of goods with the support of its skilled team who focuses on an exceptional service and competitive pricing in order to deliver the products to its destination on time and with utmost care. Our experienced management assisted by our highly qualified and solution oriented team constantly seeks to maintain and improve our servicing standards, while sparing you the hassle of overwhelming last-minute complications…….

ADD:Rmeil, Al Nahr Street, Azar Bldg., 1st Floor,Beirut – Lebanon

WCA ID:95596


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