Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited-WCA-66954

Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited-WCA-66954

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COMPANY :Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited

INTRODUCTION:Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited is a young innovative, process and technology driven Logistics Services Company offering flexible logistic support solutions, and delivering the highest standard of services that may be required from such business partners. Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited was formed with the primary aim and objective of providing absolute customer satisfaction in Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding and Transportation. We aim at recruiting people who will assist the company in building into a strong organization in the service industry and train them continually to meet with specific customer service requirements in a very professional and satisfactory manner. We continue to find the best and most cost effective way to meet each customer’s individual demand and needs at all times. With all our energy, Cargomen Logistics (India) Private Limited places emphasis on key factors of success, among which time, cost, security and customer’s satisfaction occupy a dominating place in company’s Modus operandi. With our “Customer is King” policy, we are fully-serviced, equipped and committed to providing customized solutions to meet customer’s critical goals…….

ADD:73, Coral Merchant Street,Manady, Chennai – 600 001, India

WCA ID:66954


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