Codognotto Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.-WCA-78248

Codognotto Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.-WCA-78248

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COMPANY :Codognotto Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:Codognotto Logistics India, was set up in India in December of 2010, based out of Pordenone, a province located in Venice. Codognotto Spa Srl, is one of the largest trucking companies in Italy, having their own network across Europe, Eastern Europe and parts of Russia. Their core activities are warehousing, logistics, transportation and rail ramp deliveries. ?With a fleet of 641 trailers and 367 trucks, they have been dealing with global accounts like IKEA and other such companies, which today has prompted them to expand their network and services not only within Europe but also to look for opportunities into Asia, and other parts of the world…….

ADD:307, K.P. Aurum,Marol Maroshi Road,Marol, Andheri East,Mumbai 400 059, India

WCA ID:78248


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