Deal Logistics Services (DLS)-WCA-69068

Deal Logistics Services (DLS)-WCA-69068

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COMPANY :Deal Logistics Services (DLS)

INTRODUCTION:Deal Logistics services (DLS) is the premier Ocean and Air transportation services provider in Jordan, with an extensive global network, DLS is able to effectively handle shipments of any size going to anywhere in the world. With more than 325 worldwide destinations, DLS offers direct total global access for both Air and Ocean cargo. Established in 2008, Deal Logistics Services (DLS) capitalizes on the extensive experience of the DLS team to offer top quality service, and assures you of careful attention and prompt service at all times. The development of the company has come as a result of our team’s training, professionalism and dedication to our clients…….

ADD:Abdullah Ghousheh Street, Building # 38 Husseini Complex, 5th Floor, Office # 506, P.O.Box 2189, Amman 11821, Jordan

WCA ID:69068


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