deugro Project (India) Private Limited-WCA-69844

deugro Project (India) Private Limited-WCA-69844

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COMPANY :deugro Project (India) Private Limited

INTRODUCTION:The deugro Group was founded in the year 1924 in Frankfurt, Germany and today spans the globe with offices in over 14 countries. deugro is historically known for its premiere product of Project Logistics, however it is also active in international freight services such as sea freight, airfreight and of course project logistics. deugro has a declared goal to increase the airfreight and sea freight activity in certain parts of the world, and deugro looks forward to serving you…….

ADD:No.265/3, KG Pinnacle, 8th Floor,Office-B, Gandhi Street,100 Feet Wide Road, Adambakkam,Chennai 600088, India

WCA ID:69844


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