Emstar Logistics (L.L.C)-WCA-127830

Emstar Logistics (L.L.C)-WCA-127830

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COMPANY :Emstar Logistics (L.L.C)

INTRODUCTION:Emstar Logistics (L.L.C) is a part of ARIFA GROUP, established in 2007. Today, Emstar Logistics (L.L.C) is one of the leading freight forwarding companies delivering a cost-effective solution tailored to meet the requirements of customers domestically and internationally. Emstar is an expanding regional logistics company with a strong commitment to innovation, technology, and service excellence which provide integrated logistics solutions including air freight, sea freight, land freight, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution management. Emstar staff are experts from different sectors of industry including airfreight, ocean freight, and inland transport…….

ADD:Mohammed Rashid Bin AlMaktoum,Humanitarian and Charity Est.,Warehouse No. 3,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WCA ID:127830


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