Fast Global Freight Services W.L.L.-WCA-95139

Fast Global Freight Services W.L.L.-WCA-95139

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COMPANY :Fast Global Freight Services W.L.L.

INTRODUCTION:Fast Global Freight Services W.L.L., is an international freight forwarding specialist with global experience in freight forwarding by sea, road and air. We handle Customs clearance, relocations, cross business to all countries, warehousing and local logistics. We also undertake tasks like transportation within GCC Countries, door-to-door deliveries around the world, loading and unloading. We are fully equipped and ready to provide heavy equipment for hire. We provide solutions for project handling needs…….

ADD:Bin Dirham Plaza, Building#113,6th Floor, Office# 604, Zone #25,Street#220, B-Ring Road,Doha, Qatar

WCA ID:95139


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