Freight and Logistics Global-WCA-73257

Freight and Logistics Global-WCA-73257

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COMPANY :Freight and Logistics Global

INTRODUCTION:The Freight and Logistics Company in Saudi Arabia has been born out of the inspiration from the backdated history of the freight forwarding service. It was the period where there was neither diversified technology nor the means of fast and reliable reach. The transportation of merchandise started off with the help of wheels that were carried by horses. And from there it all began to diversify in trade, transportation and the economy. Today, we stand in the global economy where the trade has grown out to an international commerce with the imports and exports that demand high standards of freight and logistics solutions…….

ADD:Al Sadoon Tower, Mezzanine Floor,3558 Khalid Bin Al Walid,Ar Rakah Ash Shamaliyah Dist.,Dammam 34225 – 7527, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

WCA ID:73257


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