Freightlinks International (India) Pvt Ltd-WCA-16964

Freightlinks International (India) Pvt Ltd-WCA-16964

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COMPANY :Freightlinks International (India) Pvt Ltd

INTRODUCTION:”Freightlinks India (FLI), a 100% Indian corporate, was promoted by The Cochin Clearing House P. Ltd. (CCH), a leading Customs Brokerage firm, and one of India’s first private establishments in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. ?For over 73 years in the Indian Market, CCH has witnessed and participated in the transformation of international shipping – from loading and unloading cargo in barrels, wooden crates and sacks to the containerization of freight. The ability to adapt to change, customization of logistics solutions and personalization of customer service is core to the company’s values and differentiates the firm from its competition……

ADD:24/1157C (Old), 29/1752 (New),First Floor, Lobo Brothers Building,Naval Road, Willingdon Island,Cochin- 682003, India

WCA ID:16964


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