Gulf Warehousing Company QPSC-WCA-71381

Gulf Warehousing Company QPSC-WCA-71381

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COMPANY :Gulf Warehousing Company QPSC

INTRODUCTION:Gulf Warehousing Company QPSC (GWC) is in the business of providing high-quality logistics services that give our customers a competitive advantage in Qatar and the Middle East markets. Established in 2004, GWC is the largest one-stop-shop logistics and supply chain service provider in Qatar offering warehousing, freight forwarding, transportation, international moving, records management, sport logistics, asset management, and supply chain consulting solutions to various industry verticals. We deliver this by understanding our customers intimately and by leveraging our global network and unique local insights, specialized logistics capabilities, motivation, skill, and multicultural personnel, as well as high quality Information Technology, multi-located well-equipped warehouses, and a diverse fleet of road transportation assets…….

ADD:D-Ring Road, P.O. Box 24434, Doha, Qatar

WCA ID:71381


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