High Quality Logistics-WCA-107983

High Quality Logistics-WCA-107983

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COMPANY :High Quality Logistics

INTRODUCTION:Please let me take this opportunity for a small introduction about High Quality Logistics Company. ?We are High Quality Logistics, and are pleased to advise you that we have supreme experience, expertise, and contacts in the country. We have specialist services for all kinds of general goods, clearance & moving (Import & Export) transport over the world by air, sea and land. We can issue certificate of origin for any shipment. We can arrange all type of containers all over the world, trucks, 6 wheels, pick up, door-to-door delivery for all types of cargo. We have facility storage space for general cargo and bulk storage facilities. ?……

ADD:Building No. 1324,Road 4149, Block 441,PO Box 30344, North Sehla,Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

WCA ID:107983


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