Intermodal Shipping Services Co. WLL-WCA-68150

Intermodal Shipping Services Co. WLL-WCA-68150

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COMPANY :Intermodal Shipping Services Co. WLL

INTRODUCTION:Intermodal Shipping Services Co. WLL, located in Doha, Qatar, offers all aspects of shipping and logistics freight for sea, air and land transport. Our sales personnel are motivated and experienced to respond to freight inquiries promptly. Comprehensive and precise information is provided on the local condition and terminal costs. We are in position to offer our clients competitive local handling rates and cost saving suggestion for a hassle free transportation of goods…….

ADD:Unit EO 01-B05 Second Floor,Office No. 11, Building No. 70,Street No. 230, C-Ring Road,Zone 27, Doha – Qatar

WCA ID:68150


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