International Maritime WLL-WCA-67900

International Maritime WLL-WCA-67900

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COMPANY :International Maritime WLL

INTRODUCTION:International Maritime and Aviation LLC (IMA), is a World Class Logistics company with multi-faceted services. Established in 1980, the company has made big strides in meeting the global challenges of the business right up to the present times. A steady expansion in infrastructure, focus on total professionalism, re-invention to meet the ever changing demands of the industry and an infinite drive to secure an ever increasing ?share of the regional market ?are the key aspects of our plans to build this company into a major regional logistics powerhouse. ??……

ADD:Office No. 19, 1st Floor,Blue Polygon Commercial Complex Salwa Road,Building No. 316, Street No. 340, Zone No. 55,Post Box 24518, Doha, Qatar

WCA ID:67900


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