J.R. Roadlines Pvt Ltd.-WCA-72164

J.R. Roadlines Pvt Ltd.-WCA-72164

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COMPANY :J.R. Roadlines Pvt Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:From a humble beginning just a few years ago, J.R. Roadlines Pvt., Ltd., today is a leading logistics provider and has emerged as one of best in the country with an annual turnover of 750 million Rupees, handling 60,000 TEUS and 0.3 million tons of bulk and break- bulk cargo. Today, they have a fleet of 400 trucks and trailers in addition to other container handling equipment. J.R. Roadlines is not only engaged in container transportation but is also a Multi-Modal Transport Operator (MTO). They provide multiple services in logistics, transportation management, warehousing and supply chain services…….

ADD:Plot No.: 14, Sector-8,Gandhidham, Kutch,Gujarat, India 370 201

WCA ID:72164


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