KLN Shipping & Logistics Services Co L.L.C-WCA-128804

KLN Shipping & Logistics Services Co L.L.C-WCA-128804

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COMPANY :KLN Shipping & Logistics Services Co L.L.C

INTRODUCTION:KLN Shipping and Logistics Services started in 2014, in Ottawa, Canada. KLN was able to deliver on projects countrywide through our experienced and committed team. Our team handles the North American market and has always aimed to ensure that we are the single solution for all logistics and transport needs. We have built a successful business based on in-depth expertise and an intimate understanding of the shipping industry coupled with an unparalleled commitment to reliable and timely service, as well as customer satisfaction…….

ADD:Tourist Club Area, Next to vision Hotel,Building Number 1072, Office M02,Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

WCA ID:128804


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