Novelty Logistics-WCA-69885

Novelty Logistics-WCA-69885

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COMPANY :Novelty Logistics

INTRODUCTION:Novelty Logistics (Formerly known as Rajab Logistics), a Saudi based company with its head office in Jeddah, with operations across Saudi Arabia. We provide our customers and clients with proven expertise in all areas of logistics, freight forwarding & supply chain management. By working in unison with our domestic and international forwarding partners, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional logistics and transportation services, as well as versatile and cost-effective peripheral offshore trade services. We believe the solid relationships and dependable partnerships that we have established are at the heart of our ability to successfully provide solutions for each of our clients’ specific needs…….

ADD:P.O. Box 24867,Jeddah 21456,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

WCA ID:69885


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