NTC Logistics India Private Limited-WCA-69010

NTC Logistics India Private Limited-WCA-69010

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COMPANY :NTC Logistics India Private Limited

INTRODUCTION:NTC logistics India has grown rapidly from its inception, to a globe spanning integrated logistics solution provider. Backed by state of the art IT systems, and our extensive network, we can meet your requirements, whatever and however complex they maybe. Our large and well trained team is equipped and supported by a large eco system that can help us match, and indeed exceed your expectations. With a network in India that spans 27 cities, we are uniquely placed to meet your requirements. We have deep rooted ties to both air carriers and liners, helping us to leverage both the best of pricing and service, to better serve you…….

ADD:Registered & Head Office:NTC Tower, No.97, Old no.47,Linghi Chetty Street,Chennai – 600 001 India

WCA ID:69010


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