ORG Logistics FZE-WCA-104392

ORG Logistics FZE-WCA-104392

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INTRODUCTION:ORG Logistic FZE is one of the leading logistics companies established in 2005. It is strategically located in Dubai Airport Freezone Dubai, UAE. As a logistics and international freight forwarding services company, ORG is the only logistics company that has twice a week air chartered flight and door to door service to Iraq and once a week to Libya. We offer door-to-door service also to Kuwait and Saudi as our specialization but not limited to that. To ensure the safety of our cargo we are equipped with an X-ray machine that is designed to inspect the goods and have four spacious warehouses inside the Freezone and a Customs bonded warehouse…….

ADD:Block E04 / F03,Dubai Airport Freezone,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WCA ID:104392


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