Polar Star Logistics LLC-WCA-75865

Polar Star Logistics LLC-WCA-75865

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COMPANY :Polar Star Logistics LLC

INTRODUCTION:Polar Star Logistics is a company with the best team of experienced professionals and the latest technology applied to transport. We work 24/7 doing logistics operations around the world. Our mission is to guide all our efforts on providing a personalized service that is characterized by being agile, efficient and tailored to each client, using appropriate means and highly competitive price. We want our customers to feel our company is theirs. We offer a comprehensive range of services that make a clear statement. In the area of complex project business, the ideal solution is to have one party responsible for the entire logistics process – from planning to execution and co-ordination through to controlling. We provide Route planning, a selection of suitable transport methods for International transportation, i.e. organization of air, sea and land transport and cost planning. We handle negotiations with transport authorities, work with customs, process management and controlling as well as Flight chartering…….

ADD:P.O. Box 20609, Um Ramool,Street 17, Warehouse S2A,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WCA ID:75865


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