PT. Integra Line Indonesia-WCA-74987

PT. Integra Line Indonesia-WCA-74987

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COMPANY :PT. Integra Line Indonesia

INTRODUCTION:PT. Integra Line Indonesia was founded in 2003 in recognition of the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade. Almost a decade after its inception, Integra Line has grown & matured with the ever-expanding international trade community. We have since managed to establish our own offices in Jakarta to serve our clients all across Indonesia & also overseas. Supported through a strong network of overseas agents who are highly trained professionals with integrated information systems, we are dedicated to provide our clients with reliable, efficient and customer driven logistics services…….

ADD:Jalan Batu Ceper Raya,No. 25 (1st Floor),Jakarta Pusat 10120,DKI, Indonesia

WCA ID:74987


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