Sea Hawk Shipping Line.-WCA-108608

Sea Hawk Shipping Line.-WCA-108608

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COMPANY :Sea Hawk Shipping Line.

INTRODUCTION:Sea Hawk Shipping Line is a company established with a vision to meet international shipping and logistics standards. In this new millennium, the most up to date technology is an important issue to the shipping and logistics world. Fast, reliable, and efficient movement of cargo all over the world depends on technology to support all operations in the field and administrative processes. It also makes it much easier for the exchange of documentation from one country to another. With technology, all the processes of forwarding goods from one end of the world to the other can be monitored from beginning to end. Every step of the movement of the cargo can be monitored thoroughly…….

ADD:1015, 10th Floor,Uni Centre, I.I., Chundrigar Road,Karachi, Pakistan 7400

WCA ID:108608


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