Seagull Shipping & Logistic (Pvt) Ltd.-WCA-62546

Seagull Shipping & Logistic (Pvt) Ltd.-WCA-62546

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COMPANY :Seagull Shipping & Logistic (Pvt) Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:Seagull Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, (SGL) was established over a decade ago, SGL is constantly growing in its wide range of services in the country with its head office at Karachi and branch Offices in major cities across the country. Seagull offers a comprehensive range of freight forwarding and logistics services to its clients and currently employs a dedicated and professional team of over 120 staff in all five locations…….

ADD:Burney House 1/6 M, 2nd Floor,Block – 6, PECHS – Shahrah-e-Faisal, Main Nursery,Karachi – 75400 Pakistan

WCA ID:62546


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