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UPS Express

Self-operated UPS express account resources, as well as advantageous account resources such as American lines, European lines, Southeast Asia and South America, with fixed flight locations, daily processing capacity of over 20 tons, and the processing capacity can be highlighted in peak seasons, and can receive general cargo, batteries and other products Regular operation export.

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Sino-Euro Truck

 Our company is a first-class warehouse booking service provider for European truck flights, with source resources and obvious advantages. Currently in stable operation, the normal aging can be achieved within 16-18 natural days after departure, the aging is better than the railway, the price is significantly lower than the air, the fourth channel after air, sea, and railway. Welcome major e-commerce and logistics companies to cooperate.

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US/Canada Seafreight

Our company directly connects with shipping companies such as Mason, Yixing, COSCO, etc., and orders warehouse resources first-hand; chooses the method of multi-way customs clearance and decentralized extraction at the back end, and has reached strategic cooperation agreements with a number of overseas warehousing and customs clearance companies, which can handle UPS at the same time. , fedex and other warehouse and truck transfer warehouse services. At present, we have the ability to process 200 containers per week. At the same time, we can provide packaging, consolidation and off-site pickup, etc., and have reached close cooperation with many cross-border sellers.

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Europe Railway

We have cooperated with a number of warehouse booking companies for European railways, starting from Shenzhen for container loading and departure, Xinjiang Alashankou customs clearance, customs clearance in Poland or customs clearance at multiple European ports. The operation time is long, the overall service is stable, the back-end delivery is smooth, weekly Processing capacity exceeds 10 standard containers.

We provide tailor-made solutions to meet customer requirements in terms of sea/air, land transportation.

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