Skyways SLS Frugal (BD) Pvt Ltd-WCA-111880

Skyways SLS Frugal (BD) Pvt Ltd-WCA-111880

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COMPANY :Skyways SLS Frugal (BD) Pvt Ltd

INTRODUCTION:Skyways SLS Frugal (BD) Pvt. Ltd., has established itself as a leading logistics service provider by offering a wide variety of services. We provided a new solution to the industry when it was facing a huge space crunch in Sept 2017 by offering Air-Air shipments via Delhi. We offer all other services like Air export and import, Ocean export and import, Customs clearance, Projects, Sea-Air shipments, as well as Air-Air shipments. We also provide valued added services like consolidation, PO management, pick and pack, GOH, etc…….

ADD:Rangs Paramount Square,6th Floor, Plot 11, Road 17,Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

WCA ID:111880


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