SMSA Express Transportation Co., Ltd.-WCA-96133

SMSA Express Transportation Co., Ltd.-WCA-96133

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COMPANY :SMSA Express Transportation Co., Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:SMSA Freight is a division of SMSA Express Transportation Co. Ltd., established in 1993. SMSA Freight is providing professional shipping and integrated logistics solutions by offering an array of services that are niche driven and unique in terms of customer focus, quality, safety, technology, innovation and professional competency. Over the years, SMSA Freight has developed a significant and diversified presence in international and domestic air, sea and land transportation. The company is a leader in providing end-to-end shipping solutions to its customers in Saudi Arabia and around the world…….

ADD:Prince Abdul Aziz Ibn, Musaid Ibn Jalawi Street,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11526

WCA ID:96133


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