Synergy Shipping and Logistics-WCA-86513

Synergy Shipping and Logistics-WCA-86513

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COMPANY :Synergy Shipping and Logistics

INTRODUCTION:Synergy Shipping & Logistics WLL is a freight forwarding company established in Qatar since 2020. The Synergy Team is a part of another International Freight Forwarding company which had established and continued in Qatar since 2008. Thus Synergy Shipping & Logistics is the continuation of the same team carrying the same legacy with a difference that now completely a Qatar partnered firm. We are working as exclusive agents for Blue Water Shipping Denmark which is a leading global freight forwarding company specialized in Oil, Gas and Wind Industry transportation…….

ADD:P.O. Box: 32352,Office No. 57, Bldg. 20,Zone 940, Khalidiya Street,Najma, Doha, Qatar

WCA ID:86513


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