Techno Freight Pakistan-WCA-123065

Techno Freight Pakistan-WCA-123065

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COMPANY :Techno Freight Pakistan

INTRODUCTION:Techno Freight Pakistan is a company established with the aim of meeting an international range of global freight and freight services. In this industry, using the most up-to-date technology for the freight services is an important issue. The fast, reliable, and efficient movement of goods around the world depends on the technology that supports all operations and management processes in the shipping and forwarding industry. We will explore the upcoming technological advances that have the potential to transform the shipping and transportation sector as the entry of some new technologies across the industry in recent times are on track to transform operations in the maritime sector. It also makes it very easy to exchange information and documents from one point to another. The technology makes all the processes of sending goods from one point of the world to another easier, and goods can be tracked from start to finish. Every movement of the goods can be fully monitored and controlled throughout by using these technologies…….

ADD:Office#112, 1st Floor,Port Way Trade Center, Opp. Embassy Inn Hotel,S.M.C.H.S Block-A Main Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karachi 75350, Pakistan

WCA ID:123065


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