The most detailed China UPS rules you need to know

The most detailed China UPS rules you need to know

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Surcharges (Special attention: Amazon goods require tariff prepayment before they can be shipped. If the goods shipped without tariff prepayment are rejected by the local area and lead to return or other problems, the responsibility and expenses incurred will be borne by the sender; tariff Prepaid items can only deal with tariff issues, and it does not mean that other issues of cargo clearance have been dealt with. Customers are expected to communicate with the sender and recipient in advance)

  1. Change of address fee: RMB88 per piece, maximum RMB254 per ticket
  2. Surcharge for remote access: RMB 4.2 per kilogram, minimum one-ticket charge RMB 220*U; remote access + fuel for the current month. Please check remote areas yourself.
  3. Tax prepayment or third-party payment: destination import duties and taxes are subject to surcharges, RMB150/ticket, and the handling fee for third-party payment of tariffs is 120RMB/ticket.
  4. Calculation method for UPS to buy insurance: Express shipments with a declared value exceeding HKD777 need to purchase value preservation services, and each HKD777 needs to pay RMB14.9 preservation fees, and RMB14.9 still needs to be charged if it is less than HKD777 — only applicable to agency channels
  5. Residential fee: As long as the express mail is sent to the address of the private residential area regardless of the country, each ticket needs to add RMB28+ fuel for the month. Note: There are also residential fees for Amazon addresses.
  6. “UPS global express and expedited service: it needs to be charged according to the published express price, plus an expedited fee of RMB292 + fuel for the current month.
  7. Undeliverable fee: If the recipient refuses to accept it, or cannot deliver it for other reasons, the goods will be returned to the place of origin. In addition to paying the freight, taxes, and warehouse rent of the goods, the sender also needs to pay an additional fee of RMB73 per ticket
  8. Irregular or overweight and overlong shipments shall be subject to an additional charge of RMB49 per piece* fuel: (The following are repeated charges, which will be added cumulatively)
  9. Irregular goods 2. Non-carton packaged goods 3. The longest side ≥ 122CM 4. The second longest side ≥ 76CM 5. The actual weight and volume of a single piece ≥ 32KG (31.1KG is settled as 32KG)
  10. Large-scale shipments: RMB475* fuel for the month must be added for each piece: (the longest side exceeds 270CM, the actual weight of a single piece, and the volume of 70KG will not be charged) — the single piece is less than 40KG, and it will be charged as 40KG;
    (Width+Height)2+Length, more than 300CM, not more than 400CM. The following surcharges: RMB49 and RMB475 Fuel for the current month is also a recurring surcharge:
    Example 1: If the actual weight of a single piece exceeds 68kg but is less than 70kg, an additional RMB475*fuel for the current month+RMB49/piece will be charged.
    Example 2: (width + height) * 2 + the longest side is greater than or equal to 300cm and less than 400cm, plus RMB 475 * fuel oil of the current month / piece,
    Example 3: Starting from 68KG, the girth is greater than or equal to 300cm, and less than 400cm will be charged RMB475*2+ fuel/piece for the month,
  11. “Tariff bills are valid for a long time, and the original bills for other surcharges are all valid if they can be provided to the agent within half a year, and they are settled according to the exchange rate announced by our company. (Including: remote bills, foreign return bills, housing bills, change address fee bill, etc.); if the recipient fails to pay or refuses to pay the tariff, and changes the address (recipient change and address incorrect local service provider change
    ) and other fees will be charged to the sender by default. “
  12. “Weight calculation: The total chargeable weight of multiple pieces of goods in one ticket is calculated based on the larger of the actual weight and volume weight of each package in the waybill, and if it is less than 0.5KG, it is calculated as 0.5KG.
  13. “Compensation liability: No compensation for cargo delays. If the cargo is lost in our warehouse, compensation will be made according to the declared value, but the maximum will not exceed USD100. If the document is lost before going online, only the freight will be refunded without compensation. If the document is lost on the bill of lading, the maximum compensation RMB 100 and return freight (and please provide a copy of the corresponding information). If the goods have been handed over to the carrier for transit and are lost or damaged, and the carrier is responsible, the carrier’s compensation amount shall prevail, and the compensation shall be based on the declared value, but the maximum compensation amount No more than USD100. For goods with high value, it is recommended to purchase insurance by yourself. Partial loss (only part of a box of goods is lost, except for the loss of the whole box). If the carrier does not accept it and cannot be opened for inspection, no compensation will be made. Fragile items, do If the package is well packaged and the filler is added, if the package is not adequate and damaged, neither the carrier nor our company will compensate.
    Mobile phone: Lost before going online, according to the declared value but the compensation amount for one phone does not exceed RMB100, and the maximum compensation amount for one ticket does not exceed USD100. After going online, it will be handled according to the carrier’s compensation standard. “
  14. Invoice requirements: Non-document express shipments need to provide a commercial invoice (the composition and origin must be indicated when declaring), otherwise it will be deemed as authorizing our company to declare on our behalf. If there is customs deduction or delay due to the declaration, our company will not bear relevant responsibilities and fees.
  15. Battery requirements: Only the agency channel of UPS can accept two types of batteries, and other UPS channels only accept one or no battery. For details, please refer to the quotation instructions of each channel
  16. Countries that suspend the receipt of lithium battery products: French Polynesia, Fiji, Wallis Islands and Futuna Islands, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, American Samoa, Cook Islands , Tahiti/Tahiti, New Caledonia and Samoa, Angola, Paraguay, Cape Verde;
  17. The countries where UPS does not accept battery shipments are as follows: Bahrain, Brunei, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mariana, Mauritius, Micronesia, Myanmar, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Western Samoa, Egypt, India (except Mumbai), multi-ethnic State of Bolivia, Timor-Leste;
  18. UPS does not accept the following countries for sending e-cigarettes: Andorra, Vatican City, San Marino, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Micronesia (Kosrae, Ponape & Yap ), Marshall Islands, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Northern Mariana Islands, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Rota, Solomon Islands, Saipan, Tahiti, Tonga, Te Ruuk, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Samoa, Wallis and Futuna, Tinian, New Zealand
  19. Prohibited goods: (1) In view of the ubiquitous use of authorized accounts in the market to deliberately distribute illegal goods such as CDs, cigarettes, first-line and second-line counterfeit brands, a fine of RMB 10,000 (10,000.00) will be imposed and all security deposits will be confiscated for each case found. and pursue its legal responsibility.
    (2) If problems such as illegal battery goods and dangerous packing boxes are found out by our company or Hong Kong UPS complains due to negligent inspection of goods, a fine of 1,000 yuan/ticket will be imposed.
  20. Shipments to Amazon warehouses and overseas warehouses: only tax prepayment and third-party payment can be selected; and the TAX ID, EORI or VAT number must be indicated on the invoice, and a valid contact information of the customs clearance party must be provided, otherwise it may cause delays or additional costs. The goods sent to Amazon Canada through the UPS channel need third-party customs clearance information! (including customs prepayment and third-party tax payment)
  21. Papua New Guinea UPS channel HK-Sukuai can export, other UPS channels do not accept
  22. Important reminder: Australia will impose a high fine on the falsely declared value of the goods after inspection by the local customs. Please fill in the declared value truthfully.
  23. Brazil and Russia shipments need to pay risk money
  24. Tariff bill: If the customer requests to contact UPS to check the customs list details of the tax, an additional RMB25 yuan/ticket handling fee will be charged. No matter whether there is a reply or not, this fee will be incurred as long as the inquiry is opened!
  25. If the goods are handed over to our company, if it exceeds 7 days, an additional 0.5 yuan/KG/day warehouse rental fee will be charged after 7 days, and the minimum consumption is 50 yuan/ticket/day;
  26. If the goods are returned in Hong Kong, a pick-up fee of 50 yuan/ticket will be incurred; if re-delivery is required, an additional 0.3 yuan/KG Hong Kong operating fee will be charged, and the minimum consumption of Hong Kong operating fees is 50 yuan/ticket;
  27. The electrification status of the goods must be declared truthfully. If the goods have electricity and declare that there is no electricity, or if there is no electricity and declare that there is electricity, our company will take penalties such as detaining the goods and fines;
  28. The UPS trade channel requires that the average billing weight of a single piece is more than 6KG (less than 6KG can be billed as 6KG);
  29. There is no blue list service in this country in Nuatu, you can choose the red list channel;
  30. The export shipments from the Philippines must provide payment vouchers with the goods;
  31. For all shipments to India, the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number must be indicated on the accompanying materials, and before the shipment arrives at Indian customs for customs clearance, the recipient must upload KYC documents through the website to avoid causing Customs clearance delays
  32. Suspension of services in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Northern Mariana Islands, Tahiti, Gambia, Guyana, Samoa, San Marino, Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, American Samoa, Cook Islands;
  33. For shipments to the UK, freight charges must be declared on the invoice for customs clearance;
  34. A series of problems such as rejection by the recipient, refusal to pay customs duties or product problems, confiscated by the customs or returned to Hong Kong, etc., shall all be borne by the sender.

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