Translink Logistics Pvt. Ltd.-WCA-55844

Translink Logistics Pvt. Ltd.-WCA-55844

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COMPANY :Translink Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

INTRODUCTION:Translink Logistics Pvt. Ltd. knows that at the core of any successful company in any industry are its workforce, technology, and organization so our drive to strengthen our capabilities begins with self-discipline. ?In the business of freight forwarding a lot depends on relationships, networking, and trust that is earned over the years, it does not come in a day. Familiarity with the domain and knowing it inside-out is the minimum qualification for being successful…….

ADD:Plot No. 153,Door No. 103 & 104, First Floor,Kadubishnahalli, Panthur Post,Bangalore 560103, India

WCA ID:55844


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