Universal Logistics FZE-WCA-101716

Universal Logistics FZE-WCA-101716

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COMPANY :Universal Logistics FZE

INTRODUCTION:UNIVERSAL Logistics Fze is a freight forwarding company that has been established and incorporated within the free Zone in Dubai in 2009. The company’s strategic presence within the Dubai Airport Free Zone is envisaged to serve and facilitate the prompt and efficient movement of high value goods from the UAE to almost any commercial destination in the world. The company’s bespoke facilities within the DUBAI Airport Free zone (DAFZ), have hoisted the organization to an enviable platform from where the company is able to guarantee and assure premium level of service to its clients. The company has strategic alliances with agents and security organization in Europe, UK, Africa, Middle East and Far East…….

ADD:Warehouse K-03/04,Dubai Airport Free Zone,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WCA ID:101716


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