VAC Speditionsgesellschaft mbH-WCA-49022

VAC Speditionsgesellschaft mbH-WCA-49022

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COMPANY :VAC Speditionsgesellschaft mbH

INTRODUCTION:VAC Speditionsgesellschaft mbH. is a private enterprise, founded in 1988. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, IATA licensed and have 20 highly educated employees. The warehouse and offices are situated at Vienna Airport We offer airfreight, sea freight, warehousing, customs clearance for the whole European Union (if shipments arrive at Vienna Airport) and distribution to all neighbouring countries; with Regular Consol service to/from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia. Additionally we are specialized in dangerous goods, valuables, extremely urgent shipments, courier service and on board courier…….

ADD:Object 263, Cargo Center,1300 ?Vienna Airport, Austria

WCA ID:49022


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